Horizontal Deliverables

D1. Project Meetings

 — Meeting 1 (click here for more)

 — Meeting 2 (click here for more)

 — Meeting 3 (click here for more)

 — Meeting 4 (click here for more)

 — Meeting 5 (click here for more)

D2. Management Plan

D3. Quality Assurance

 — Quality Assurance Strategy and Quality Assurance Committee (click here)

 — Quality Assurance Statement (click here)

 — Contingency Plan (click here

D4. Dissemination Strategy

 — Dissemination Reporting Spread Sheet (click here)

 — Newsletters 

 — Press Releases

D8. Indicators Report — click here

Intellectual Outputs

O1. Needs Analysis Report for the Digital Portfolio Portal — click here to download the report — click here to download the Need Analysis National Report 
O2. The Digital Portfolio Portal (DPP) — The 1st version of the portal is available
O3. Digital Portfolio Database —  click here
O4. Digital Portfolio User Guidebook — click here
O5. EDIPUS Training Course for University Students — click here